Welcome to Adonis Blue Environmental

Who we are

Adonis Blue Environmental Consultants, part of the Kent Wildlife Trust Group, is an ecological consultancy that provides in depth and robust ecological and land management advice and, importantly, returns all profits to conservation work in Kent.

Our services target the recovery of habitats and species to protect and restore nature and deliver a net gain in biodiversity. We are spearheading the Biodiversity Net Gain approach in Kent and beyond, integrating high integrity at every step by following the most up-to-date best practice principles and standards set by leading conservation bodies.

We have worked on the development of Kent Wildlife Trust Group's bespoke Carbon + Habitat tool, which implements the best available science to calculate the potential for carbon sequestration and biodiversity uplift from habitat transitions.

Our evolution

In July 2023, we rebranded from Kent Wildlife Trust Consultancy Services to Adonis Blue Environmental Consultants (AB Environmental for short), with an updated portfolio of products and services.

While our team and connection to the Trust remain the same, this new look will better reflect the work we are doing to protect nature, wildlife, and wild spaces, now and in the future.

We have already begun expanding our services beyond Kent to bring our industry-leading expertise in ecology and nature-based solutions to businesses, organisations and authorities across the UK. In doing so, we aim to bring Kent Wildlife Trust Group’s vision to nature-friendly projects and strategies which have a national impact. Therefore, we now feel it is time to remove the “Kent” from our name - while keeping the Trust’s mascot, the Adonis Blue butterfly, at the heart of our brand.

Don’t worry, we’re still very much a part of the Kent Wildlife Trust Group. We will continue to deliver ongoing action and innovation for nature and the climate crisis as part of the Wilder Kent 2030 strategy, and will donate all our profits to support the Trust’s conservation work in Kent.

What we offer

    High Speed 1 Ltd has been working with Adonis Blue Environmental Consultants (previously KWT Consultancy Services) for a number of years to improve natural habitats along our infrastructure whilst integrating with the neighbouring habitat improvement plans.  We have developed a strong working relationship where Adonis Blue are seen as a strategic partner and core to the biodiversity priority of our sustainability strategy. Adonis Blue Environmental continues to provide a proactive, dedicated and pragmatic service

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    Steven Van Niekerk

    Head of Assurance and Sustainability, High Speed 1 Ltd

    G H Dean & Co Ltd have been working with Adonis Blue Environmental Consultants over a 3-year period covering a diverse range of projects across the Farm, including baseline ecology, bird, bat and owl surveys along with reptile and Great Crested Newt mitigation work.  Suitable Biodiversity Net Gain proposals and an overview of potential Carbon capture from the various land use and types have now been identified.  The Adonis Blue consultancy team provide invaluable insight on environment and ecological matters that will undoubtedly deliver for nature in the future.

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    Tim Malpas

    Blackbird Farming (G H Dean & Co)