4 people walking across a beach
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Adonis Environmental Consultants are supporting Kent Wildlife Trust and partners across the South East and nationally with approaches for Nature-based Solutions and biodiversity enhancement for our marine and coastal environment.

Meeting changes in ecology practice

In keeping with local, regional, national and international frameworks for biodiversity, sustainability and climate change, our staff offer sustainable solutions for development and nature’s recovery across the complex habitats and ecosystems in the marine, intertidal and coastal environments.

Utilising a strategic approach to coastal recovery is integral to our work, working to support development alongside nature recovery and benefits to the public across Kent. In the longer term, we aim to provide sustainable, ongoing management to create linked nature recovery networks across Kent and the South East, protecting and enhancing land for the benefit of biodiversity, public users, landowners, NGO’s and partners.

The key services we provide are:

  • Approaches for Nature-based Solutions to coastal land management
  • Advice and guidance on issues that affect the freshwater and marine environment
  • Advice on all aspects of intertidal and coastal environment work
  • Intertidal habitat and species surveys
  • Coastal restoration feasibility studies
  • Invasive species specialist advice and work
  • Engagement, education and practical training
  • Internship programmes

Case Studies