A photo of a sandy beach under clear blue skies. There is some scrub in the foreground, white cliffs in the distance, and some people on the sand.

Meet our first 2023 Coast Explorer intern

A photo of Lucy on the beach during a Shoresearch survey
Lucy Lee 2023 Coast Explorer Intern
Wed, 28th June 20234 min read

Get to know our new Coast Explorer Intern, Lucy! She will be working on everything marine, from intertidal conservation, to offshore wind farms.

Hello! My name is Lucy Lee and I am one of the new Coast Explorer Interns at Adonis Blue.

My Background

I have just relocated to Maidstone for this new position, but I was brought up in Nottinghamshire. I have an innate love for wildlife and the outdoors. Growing up, I spent much of my free time walking my dog in the Peak District, cycling in Sherwood Forest and pond dipping in the Trent Valley. Every summer, I visited the North Norfolk coastline and spent many happy days collecting mussel shells and razor clams, as well as observing common and grey seals. My cousins and I had such fun wiggling our toes in blow lugworm casts; it is only now I’m older, that I’ve discovered what appeared to us as walnut whipped sand, was actually waste material from the worm’s digestive tract (to put it politely)!

A photo of a blow lugworm cast in sand. It looks like a pile of worms made from sand

Blow lugworm cast

This upbringing in the countryside fostered my interest in the natural world, leading me to study biology at the University of Sheffield. This provided me with some amazing opportunities, including conducting a research project at Danum Valley Field Centre in the rainforest of Malaysian Borneo. I graduated with a 2:1 and achieved a first in my dissertation on the future of sustainable agricultural intensification in the fight against climate change.


A photo of Lucy, standing in the forest holding a spiderhunter bird. She smiles at the bird, which is small in size with a bright yellow belly and very long down-curved beak.

Holding a spiderhunter after dawn mist netting in Borneo

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I worked as a carer, and when restrictions finally lifted, I went travelling for four months across Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and Japan. I was fortunate enough to swim with wild dusky dolphins, spot young male sperm whales, snorkel along a coral reef with tropical fish and swim in coastal waters of bioluminescent algae. Upon returning, I became a practical conservation volunteer for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

A photo of the ocean under blue skies with snow-topped mountains on the horizon, taken from the perspective of someone in a boat.  A glimpse of a sperm whale is visible as a dark patch amidst splashing water.

A sperm whale surfacing off the coast of New Zealand (you may have to look very closely, due to my poor photography skills!)

The Coast Explorer Internship

Passionate about tackling the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, I was thrilled to discover the Coast Explorer Internship. The six month programme involves four partner organisations:

  • Adonis Blue Environmental Consultants – part of the Kent Wildlife Trust Group, this ecological consultancy are spearheading net gains in biodiversity in Kent and beyond
  • The Crown Estate – this London based estate agents counts the majority of the seabed in their property portfolio and are therefore responsible for leasing it out to offshore wind developments
  • Vattenfall – a Swedish renewable energy company, determined to enable fossil free living within one generation
  • Canterbury City Council – responsible for coastal management, the council also play a key role in education and community engagement

I was initially attracted to the internship by the huge variety of experience on offer from these incredible partners, who work at the cutting edge of the marine environment. I am excited to gain practical survey experience, whilst working with a range of industry experts and environmental NGOs. I am looking forward to developing my understanding of marine planning and policy, renewable energy, and ecological restoration. Over the course of the internship, I will carry out an independent research project, as well as up to two mini projects. I am over the moon to be starting the internship and will endeavour to bring you more updates soon.

Check back soon to find out my project choices!

A selfie of Lucy taken on the beach in sunny weather with rockpools and crashing waves behind her. She smiles at the camera and is wearing a blue Kent Wildlife Trust branded cap and a yellow high-vis vest.

My first Shoresearch survey at Botany Bay. Shoresearch is The Wildlife Trusts' national citizen science survey of the intertidal shore, which helps to inform the designation of Marine Conservation Zones.

Coast Explorer Internship
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