Local Planning Authority: Swale

National Character Area (NCA): North Downs

OS grid ref: TR 00424 54769

Habitat units available


179.19 - Other neutral grassland (Medium Distinctiveness)

49.70 - Traditional Orchards (Very High Distinctiveness)

1.47 - Lowland calcareous grassland (High Distinctiveness)

Heathland and Shrub

1.51 - Mixed scrub (Medium Distinctiveness)


114.10 - Other woodland; Broadleaved (Medium Distinctiveness)

0.76 - Other woodland; Mixed (Medium Distinctiveness)

0.19 - Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland (High Distinctiveness)

Site description

The 77 ha site is located within the District of Swale, approximately 6.4km south of Faversham with the village of Badlesmere to the southeast. The site falls within the Kent Downs National Landscape (aka Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and the wider area is made up of arable fields interspersed with villages and woodlands.

Currently consisting of predominantly cereal cropland, the site will be transformed into a mosaic of species-rich grasslands, traditional orchards and native woodlands with scrubby transitions. This wide range of habitats is designed to support a diverse mix of plant, fungi, and animal life.

New woodland creation will serve to join up the 11.7 ha of existing broadleaved woodland patches within and adjacent to the site. A mix of native broadleaved species will be used, creating important nesting and feeding habitats for breeding birds.

Traditional orchards are a priority habitat and provide good bat roosts and nesting sites for birds such as spotted flycatchers, as well as supporting many fungi, moss and lichen species.

Habitat Transitions