Heather Corrie Vale grassland

Local Planning Authority: Sevenoaks

What3words: ///lively.hush.reach

OS grid reference: TQ564610

Habitat units available

A total of 16.75 units are available form the following broad habitat types.



Ponds and Lakes


Site description

Heather Corrie Vale is a 50 hectare former golf course located about 5 miles northeast of Sevenoaks. Kent Wildlife Trust are restoring it to create a nature reserve that is a haven for people and wildlife and contributes to the fight against climate change. Located in the Kent Downs National Landscape (formerly Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), it is recognised by conservation organisations in the area as an extremely valuable part of the Nature Recovery Network.

The Biodiversity Net Gain site is situated in the east half of Heather Corrie Vale and covers 3.9 ha. Here, other neutral grasslands will be enhanced to a better condition, with parts becoming lowland meadows. Lowland meadows are a priority habitat that were once commonplace across Kent, but have declined by 95% since the 1950's due to changing land use. They support a diverse range of wildflowers and are a particularly important habitat for butterflies and bees.

In addition, new ponds will be created across the site to restore natural ecosystem function and improve biodiversity. Created ponds will host a range of plant and invertebrate species, while also providing a natural drinking source for the heritage grazing animals that will naturally maintain the habitat.

landscape context map

Habitat Transitions

Concerned about your carbon footprint?

Other parts of Heather Corrie Vale are part of a flagship pathfinder project for Wilder Carbon to produce high integrity carbon units to support voluntary action towards Net Zero. They are being transformed into a mosaic of broadleaved woodland with heathland, scrub and grassland that will store carbon in the soil and above-ground plant matter via natural ecological processes.