UK Hab Surveyor

Role Description

Adonis Blue Environmental Consultants (ABEC) requires surveyors with experience in UK Habs to have an understanding of the Defra Metric 3.1 and use of app based technologies being advantageous.

Adonis Blue (KWT CS previously) is part of the Kent Wildlife Trust Group (KWTG). ABEC returns any profit generated to conservation work in Kent via Kent Wildlife Trust itself.

We are at the forefront of solutions to the nature and climate crisis. The KWT Group holds the unique position of being able to evaluate and providing valuations for clients on natural capital through its proprietary Carbon + Habitat Tool.

We are able to help clients and partners to properly understand where they are currently in terms of their capacity for a net gain in biodiversity and carbon sequestration. We can model scenarios for Nature-based Solutions where this can be enhanced to aspire to a 20% + net gain in biodiversity, sequestering carbon to help support their carbon net zero strategy and where relevant, achieve nutrient neutrality. This in turn can be delivered through conservation work on the ground in partnership with conservation organisations.

Your role will be pivotal in supporting the KWT Group through both bringing in income and delivery opportunities through Nature-based Solutions, specifically undertaking UK Habs surveys for landowners for completion of Defra Metric 3.1 or latest version.

Application Details:

Applicants should read the Guidance Notes carefully before completing the applicant information form supported by Cover Note and CV. Please go to KWT's main website to apply using the link:

If you wish to discuss this post, please contact: Vincent Ganley by emailing, or by telephone on 07985673123.

The application window is open until the end of June 2023 with rolling interviews for clients who meet the requirements.

We are unable to recruit anyone without the Right To Work in the UK.